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By entering into this agreement of Terms and Conditions with UKDissertation.co.uk for the entire academic services, you hereby agree to legally abide by the terms and conditions with your consent.

In this agreement with Terms and Conditions, ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ or ‘ours’ or ‘website’ refer to UKDissertation.co.uk while ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘their’, ‘theirs, and ‘them’ refer to the ‘clients’, ‘customers’ or ‘visitors’, and ‘academic services’, ‘custom papers’ and ‘work’ refer to ‘request, ‘order’ and ‘custom order’ unless the context requires otherwise.

We urge you to read Terms and Conditions cautiously as you will be complying with these Terms and Conditions lawfully when you hire our academic services. If you have any concerns about any clause, you can have more details by contacting us through our contact us form, email or live chat.

UKDissertation.co.uk reserves the rights to revise and change or update the Terms and Conditions in future; however, the customers will be notified about the amendments earlier of the effective dates of updated Terms and Conditions.

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1. Writing & Citation Format

At the time you fill in the order form, you will find the options for citation format in drop-down menu form. By default, it is set at MLA format. You are supposed to select the required one if that is not MLA format; otherwise, MLA will be taken as your selected one. Therefore, you need to be careful at the selection of writing and citation format. In the event that you do not find your required format, you can specify it to via contact us form.


2. Originality & Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious concern of every students and it is more than a serious concern of ours since our reputation is at stake in the online market. Therefore, originality is a must-have and plagiarism is taboo.

Our expert writers always conduct new research for all the custom papers they write and avoid plagiarism completely. See more in ‘Refund’ and ‘Revision’ section in case of plagiarised work.


3. Payment

The payment is to be made at the time you fill in the order and proceed to our payment processor named as SWreg Inc. SWreg Inc collects the payment on our behalf and it uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for absolute security and privacy of your credit card and billing information; therefore, there is not need to be concerned about online payment security issues at all.


4. Order Tracking

The moment you place an order, a unique order ID is assigned to you for reference for further communication. Whenever you need to find out the status of your order, you can send us an email via our contact us from with by filling out the form with your required concern and order ID.

5. Deadline

Deadline is the date you specify for the delivery of final custom papers and our price packages also vary based on the urgency of deadline. This is our first priority to meet the deadline and deliver your papers on or earlier date. However, in the event that we find it unmanageable or impossible to meet the deadline as per your specification due to any reason, we inform you earlier and set a new earliest deadline to complete your order with mutual agreement. If not, we recompense with further discount, refund or any other compensation where both the parties will be in agreement.


6. Delivery Policy

The files are delivered to students on their specified or earlier date via email in MS-Word form. The same delivery method applies to the delivery free samples, free topics, drafts, revised work and finalized custom papers. The terms and procurer of the revision & refund are subject to date and time of custom papers delivery.

UKDissertation.co.uk delivers the papers only in digital form via online means and is not responsible to deliver the papers in print.


7. Refund Policy


Mainly, refund may take place due to sub-standard quality, plagiarism, failure to meet the deadline, and writer’s unavailability and you may be entitled to claim the refund in such situations. However, in the first place, we try to resolve the issue in the following ways;

7.1) Since we offer unlimited revisions, you can avail this option and we will modify your papers as per your suggestions in case, the produced paper is not written as per your specification, it is of sub-standard quality, or it is partially or fully plagiarized.

7.2) If we miss the deadline, we may ask you to set a new deadline with your consent.

7.3) If we are overburdened with orders and have not writer at the particular time to complete your papers, we may ask you to wait or will refund your amount in full settlement. In the event of refund after the delivery of partial or complete work, you will have no ownership rights of the delivered work and we will have sole ownership and rights to use those papers.


8. Revisions


It is our commitment to provide you with high quality work and produce custom papers absolutely in the way you have specified. However, the initial work is purposefully sent as the drafts so that you can review it and make quick suggestions and confirm if our orientation is correct.

Later on, you can ask for revision countless times and you will not be charged at all until you finalize the papers and confirm your satisfaction with the finalised delivered custom papers.

Having confirmed the finalisation and receipt of the custom papers, you will have 15-day period for further revision request. Within 15-day period, you can make a revision request; otherwise, it will be on our discretion then to accept your request for revision or accept it as a new order placement for editing.

You can make a revision request via online contact us form with specific points for revision.


9. Ownership Rights


Once you have finalized and received your custom papers, you will have complete ownership and it is confirmed that UKDissertation.co.uk will have no ownership rights of the delivered papers and would not use it in any form.


10. Disclaimer


You are in agreement that research and written material provided by UKDissertation.co.uk will be used as reference and research work and should not be submitted for academic credit "as it is". You can edit the provided papers to match your own style of writing. In addition, we do not provide assurance for exact grades, score or standard. However, the quality of work and originality are guaranteed.


11. Important Notice


Using stolen credit cards is strictly illegal and prohibited and it is considered to be a crime of gave nature. We cooperate with the online authorities with and cyber crime agencies to fight against such a menace and we will report all the fraudulent orders to the State and Federal Agencies.


12. Contact Us


We are always available if you have any confusion regarding any clause or clauses of terms and condition of use here. You can make a contact with us any time via our online chat, email or contact us form.



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