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Students may feel compelled sometimes to get angry at many famous sociologists like Auguste Comte, Émile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer, Max Weber and, many others writing and presenting theories of sociology. Students blame them for their sociology dissertation writing miseries. But it is no use blaming them, instead it is time to work harder and head to right way which leads to successfully written sociology dissertation.


How to Write Sociology Dissertation



To write sociology dissertation, you have to understand the basic structure of a dissertation and use that for writing your sociology dissertation. The commonly followed structure in dissertation is as follows:


Title Page


The cover page of your sociology dissertation should have the following aspects covered:


  • Dissertation title
  • Your name
  • Reasons to submit the dissertation  
  • Your university’s and department’s name followed by month and year




This is the page where you thank and show your appreciation to the people who assisted you in writing your sociology dissertation.




It is a summation of your sociology dissertation. It is normally about 120 to 150 words. It should cover the following points:


  • Background of the topic
  • Aim of the study
  • Methods to conduct research
  • Results

Table of Contents


Mention all the sections and chapter and any other written work in form of a list with page numbers.




A sociology dissertation introduction serves as the reason to establish context for research. It further provides information about the research question and ends with a clear hypothesis.


Literature Review


Literature review is an abstract of the published and accessible information pertaining to your sociology dissertation topic. The information you select to review and analyze should come from trustworthy and authentic sources. It is important since it makes you aware of the conducted research and helps you stay focused to find out new angles to look at your own sociology dissertation.




In your sociology dissertation it is a crucial chapter. In this part you will have to explain how the research of the study will be carried out. You also have to tell about the relevance and significance of choosing the methods.




Now you have to present the results of the evaluation of the data you collected with appropriate and related statistical account of the raw data. Be careful about your personal opinions. You should not include your opinion in results section. It is done in discussion part.




In the discussion part of your sociology dissertation, you have to discuss and evaluate the findings obtained as the result of research in context of existing and accessible literature. Here the discussion is centred to the research question to prove it correct. It is not necessary that the research question is approved, it might be rejected.




As the result of all the research findings and their analysis, you come up with further suggestions for future work and further improvement in the field.




List all the information sources.




Appendices include graphs, tables, figures, interviews, questionnaires, summaries of your survey, and statistical results which will not be counted in the actual word count of your research.


Sociology Dissertation Ideas


You need to brows through different subjects to get ideas for sociology. The following list of subjects will be helpful for you to get ideas for your sociology dissertation.

  • Crime and deviance
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Stratification
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Knowledge
  • Law
  • Media
  • Race and ethnic relations
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Scientific knowledge and institutions
  • Stratification
  • Urban Environments


Sociology Dissertation


There is a list of sociology topics which will help you get sociology dissertation ideas or you may even choose your own sociology dissertation topic out of it.


  • The validity and application of Marx's 'Conflict Theory' in UK society
  • The structure of the education system in public schools with relevance to socially excluded young people
  • Is Webber's theory of rationalism applicable to the social structure of the UK?
  • What are the impacts of cultural invasion from immigrants on the UK's indigenous values, norms and beliefs?
  • The effect of the school environment on children's perception of the macro level society
  • How have print and electronic media in the UK created perceptions about different religions?
  • The common religious grounds for developing inter-faith harmony in the UK
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