Research Proposal


Writing a research proposal is undoubtedly a task of high importance, for it is obstacle that you must clear to proceed to write your particular academic paper such as research paper, thesis or dissertation. You know you will have to bear dire consequences like redoing the research proposal and delay your degree. Therefore it is essential to understand writing research proposal and its research proposal template.


Parts of 

Research Proposals


Here is the brief description and importance of all the parts of a research proposal. 


Title Page


The title page has:


  • Research proposal title
  • Student’s name
  • Student’s ID number
  • Department
  • Course
  • Supervisor’s name


Table of Contents


It has every part written in the 

research proposal

 with pages’ numbers.




Abstract is a summary of the research proposal stating all the significant points of the research paper.




This part states the background of the problem/topic you want to research about explaining why it is a problem, and why it is significant to research about it.

It states the exact research questions and it further explains the aims and objectives of the research.


Literature Review
The literature review is the review of the literature you have read so far and it builds up a context in relation to your research question.


Research Methodology


Research methodology describes the significant and prominent methods you would like to exploit reasoning about their significance and usefulness in conducting research.


Data Assessment


This part tells about how the collected data will be evaluated.




This part shows the outlines the presentation of the finally crafted paper.




A timetable is presented in this section. It aims to give a timeline stating the completion of tasks by a particular time.




This section states what resources you require.




It states how much budget you will need to carry out the research.




It has list of all the information resource.


Research Proposal


As you can realize, a research proposal has many parts which need to be done carefully or else your research proposal may become a victim of rejection. So be attentive when you write your own research proposal that you have included all the necessary parts.

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