PhD Dissertation Proposal

Writing a PhD dissertation proposal which is approved soon after the submission will certainly make you elated and overjoyed, but it is not a piece of cake that you can make with baby-steps. PhD dissertation proposal writing is something which requires proper time management, organization and up to the mark guidelines. This article aims to provide you with all the necessary stages which will enable you to write a great PhD dissertation proposal.


10 Stages to Write 

PhD Dissertation Proposals


You have to go through the following stages when you are writing a PhD dissertation proposal. These stages will enable you to write a complete PhD dissertation proposal.


Title Page


The title page is used to display the following information in order:


  • Dissertation proposal topic
  • Your name
  • Your student ID number
  • Your department
  • Your course
  • Your supervisor’s name


Table of Contents


The table of contents displays all the parts such as sections, chapters, etc. indicating all the pages’ numbers.




In the abstract, you have to give a brief summary of the dissertation proposal to show a glimpse of the whole dissertation proposal.




Now you have to explain the background of the problem. And in this very section you need to convince why there is a need to make a research about this problem and how it will contribute in the field. Besides you should state the research topic in detail explaining research questions precisely and with research clearly stated research objectives.


Literature Review

In this part you have to give a review and analysis of all the relevant literature which you studied to establish your research problem question.


Research methodology


In this section, you need to state what research methodology you have to apply to conduct research along with the reasons and benefits of your selected research methods.


Evaluation of Data


When you have collected data, you will need to assess and discuss it. This section describes what measures you will take to assess the data.




Here you set your all the tasks under according a timetable. It helps you stay focused and dedicated.


Resources & Budget


Here you have to about the required resources budget you could do with to conduct the research.




In the bibliography, you need to give the details of the information sources in one particular citation format.

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