MBA Dissertation Proposals

 Writing Guide

You are well aware that an MBA dissertation proposal is a vital step to go further on your way to achieve your most wanting MBA degree. A little carelessness can part you and your vision of getting MBA degree in no time. So you got to be attentive and prepare your MBA dissertation proposal with great care. Well, the basic aim to 

write MBA dissertation proposal

 make your committee members believe that you have a reasonable research question or a worth solving problem statement and you have certain methods to bring out solutions. This articles aims to help you writing such an MBA dissertation proposal which your advisor can’t dare to reject at all.


7 Steps to Write 

MBA Dissertation Proposal


Research Topic / Question / Problem / Hypothesis


The first task is to present your proposed research area further explaining the precise dissertation proposal topic. You need to display valid reasons why the research topic you have chosen is broad as well as focused to carry out a research.


Rationalize the Research Topic


This is too important part of your MBA dissertation proposal since you have to convince them to believe what you think is right. You need to explore the following major points:


  • Your research topic’s validity and soundness
  • Its significance
  • And what contribution will it make in the field


Research Objectives


This part is also significant and adds the value to convince the committee members. It I a statement of all the aims and objectives you wish to achieve by the end of the research. The objectives depend upon the theme you choose for your MBA dissertation.

Your key objectives could be:


  • Assessment of case study
  • A business plan
  • The impact of something
  • Functionality of certain markets

Dissertation Research Methodology


This part discusses the research methods you want to use to complete your MBA dissertation. You explain why and how the methods you want to employ will work for you just as you want, besides you can tell the disadvantages and reasons why you didn’t use other methods.




Outline the approximate time period required to finish the research work.




Give all the information references you used to write your own
MBA dissertation proposal


Note: Your final draft should have the title page which includes proposal title, student’s name, course, supervisor’s name.

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