Discover 15 Vital Steps To Write

MBA Dissertation

MBA dissertation writing is an eventual requirement to get through your MBA program successfully. And you know it is a lengthy process to write MBA dissertation provided that you spend your time in organized manner with proper MBA dissertation writing guidelines.


The MBA dissertations have some different themes. Therefore it is important to decide what theme you would have in your MBA dissertation. The theme could or type could be:


  • business plan
  • business report
  • case study

It is not necessary to follow just one theme; instead you can make a combination of one or two themes in your MBA dissertation. One thing is for sure that you have to conduct an intensive research.

There are 7 golden tips that will turn MBA dissertation writing an easy task for you.


15 Steps Of Writing 

MBA Dissertations



  • Identify the study area which interests you most as it is highly motivating and keep you moving till the end.
  • Search and read the available dissertations to get to a specific

    MBA dissertation

    topic you are willing to write.
  • Decide on what style would you like to follow in you MBA dissertation. Would it be a business plan, report, case study or a combination of all these themes?
  • Define the exact topic or problem you are going to elaborate in your MBA dissertation.
  • Find out the proper guidelines to qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Make an outline of the whole MBA dissertation with a logical sequence such as introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Decide what research methodology you would employ and what resources your have to carry out the research.
  • Prepare some questionnaires. They are always very helpful to analyze and gather some good literature and elaborate in MBA dissertation discussion.
  • Gather all the research data and remove which is not required.
  • Now you have to use narrowed down and precise collected data in the discussion part of the MBA dissertation. Here you have to present the evaluation of it.
  • Under the light of assessment, you need to give possible solution of the discussed problem.
  • The next task is to make a conclusion.
  • It is time to revise and edit your MBA dissertation so that you can make it error-free dissertation.
  • Write the bibliography in one particular format.
  • Write the appendices.
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