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Dissertation Structure


It is imperative to structure your dissertation in a proper and logical sequence or else you may face the music of structuring your dissertation poorly. Therefore it is essential to understand each part of dissertation and its logical sequence so that you can secure your instant dissertation approval.


Dissertation Structure


The following guidelines are well-researched and up-to-date. This is the way you should structure your dissertation in logical order.


Title Page


The title page is the very first page of your dissertation and it gives information about your dissertation topic, your name, your university’s and department’s name with month and year, and the reason to submit the dissertation.




Abstract is the summary of the entire dissertation. It has a brief account of the main points of your dissertation.




Acknowledgement is the part in which you thank all the people who you consider as a major or minor contributor in writing your dissertation. You may consider your supervisor, librarians, colleagues, parents or any others.


Table of contents


Table of contents is the statement of all the chapters, sections and sub-sections with page numbers.




Introduction is the presentation of your research question or thesis statement. It gives details about the problem and necessity to solve it. Moreover it deals with how you will solve the problem and importance of solving the problem and what contribution it will make in the field.


Main body


Main body consists of the researched material and data you collect such as the facts, evidences, and it s analysis, assessment followed by discussion over it.




Methodology presents population size and the research methods you employ to collect data.


Conclusion and Recommendations


Conclusion is the part in which you need to summarize your dissertation and answering to the particular research question of the dissertation. Moreover you need to make feasible and practical suggestion to further solve the problem.




Bibliography is the list of all the information sources you have used.

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