Dissertation Proposal Structure

It is very common to find students troubled when they are just starting to write their dissertation. It is natural to get panicked since writing a dissertation successfully can take them to the top of their professional career. But failure can take you really down. Most importantly it may discourage you and you may stop even thinking about writing your dissertation. So it is better to lean what you should do. I have seen many students asking about dissertation proposal structure. I know understanding dissertation proposal structure is an important factor to write a winning dissertation. Therefore I am writing this article to inform you about the dissertation proposal structure so that you can proceed further and write a winning dissertation.


Dissertations Proposal Structure


This is the way you are supposed to make your dissertation proposal structure.


Title page

The title page has:


  • Research proposal title
  • Student’s name
  • Student’s ID number
  • Department
  • Course
  • Supervisor’s name


Table of Contents


  • Write all section, chapter with pages’ numbers.




  • Write a summary of the dissertation proposal including distinctive points.




  • Introduction is like a roadmap. Show a picture what you are going to do. State your research question or problem statement and prove its significance, relevance, objectives and contribution in the field.


Literature review


  • Make a review of all the literature you studied. Present a point which has not been done as your research question.




  • Explain the research methods and tell why you are selecting them with relevant reasons and usefulness.


Data Assessment


  • Explain how the data will be presented and assessed.


Excepted Results


  • Tell what outcomes you expect from the research.




  • Display a timetable with all the scheduled tasks.


Resources & Budget


  • State what resources and budget will necessitate you.




  • List all information recourses.




  • List the supplementary material you used in research.
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