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Dissertation Bibliography


What is Dissertation Bibliography?


Dissertation bibliography is the list of all the sources you use to write your dissertation. It is obvious that you us, or rather you have to use numerous sources to get information. The sources could be books, scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, articles, websites, encyclopedias etc. You need to list each and every information source you exploit.


Styles of 

Writing Dissertation Bibliography


There are many styles to cite the references in your dissertation such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turbian, Harvard, etc. They slightly differ from each other.


How To Write A Bibliography



As you can see there are various modes of writing bibliography and you have to select only one suggested by your college or university. This is a general guideline to write a bibliography focusing on what aspects to consider of a particular source of information to include in the reference quote.
To Cite a Book


Write title of the book, writer’s name, publisher’s name along with edition number.


To Cite a Magazine


Write the name of the magazine, author’s full name along with publication date.


To Cite a Particular Chapter of a Book


Write the title of the book, name of the writer, and chapter with the page number.


To Cite an Article of Unknown Author


Write the title of the article and date of publication.


To Cite a Movie


Write the title of the movie, director’s and distributor’s name along with the date of

film release.


To Cite a Website


The most important factor is the URL of the particular page you refer and the date you accessed the page.


To Cite an Encyclopedia in 
Dissertation Bibliography


Write the name of the encyclopedia and its volume number and title of the referred article.

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