10 Tested Tips To Select Appealing

Dissertation Topics

Well, the initial obstacle you face when you have to write a dissertation is about selecting a captivating and appealing dissertation topic. And you know you can’t proceed at all if you haven’t gone through the stage of dissertation topics selection. There could be many reasons such as:

  • Procrastination
  • Your advisor is too choosy.
  • You are lacking in research.
  • You have no clear idea how to pick a good dissertation topic.

Or you night be facing some other problems other than the above mentioned problems. Whatever the problem you are facing, you have landed on the right place where you will get all the solutions to all your dissertation topics problems.


10 Tips To Select 

Dissertation Topic



Tip # 1

First of all you need not to panic at all. Just be relaxed and feel free about selecting you dissertation topic and focus and explore the audience of your dissertation which is mainly you dissertation committee members and other students.

Tip # 2

Next thing you have to do is to find out the interest area of your advisor. He/She would rather be willing to help you gladly since they are also interested in your selected dissertation topic.

Tip # 3

Be careful and attentive that the dissertation topic also interests you. If not so then it is more likely that you lose your concentration and interest in writing your own dissertation.

Tip # 4

This is very important that you select a dissertation topic which gives a solution to a certain existing problem and have effects and significance in the current era.

Tip # 5

If you are doing it for you PhD degree, you may also expand your Masters thesis into PhD dissertation.

Tip # 6

As you know hundred of thousands dissertations have been written so far. But the successful and acclaimed ones are those which were written on new and unique dissertation topics. So it is significant to come up with unique and distinguished dissertation topics. Rather than overused dissertation topics.

Tip # 7

It is not wise at all to select a controversial dissertation topic. It is advisable that you go for such a dissertation topic which brings a definite solution to a persisting and current problem.

Tip # 8

Utilize your knowledge efficiently and start working out with the best of your knowledge and information you have about a particular subject.

Tip # 9

There is dilemma most of the students face. The dilemma is that they select either too narrow or too broad dissertation topic and none of them is useful for you. So you have to go for a dissertation topic which is neither too broad nor too narrow.

Tip # 10

It also bears fruit for you if you read the dissertations written by other students. The previous dissertations make you aware of a lot of 
dissertation topics
 and you can expand those ones further to write your own dissertation.


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