Our Privacy Policy

We take information from the clients as soon as they visit our website and gain our services for free topic consultation, free samples and purchase of custom dissertation papers. It is essential to fill in an online form to avail any of the above stated services.

1. Type of Information


When you decide to use our services or visit our website, you may be required to give us two sorts of information i.e. personal information and information about academic request or custom order and other than these sorts, some information is collected automatically.

1.1) Personal Information and its Use

Personal information in particular includes customer’s full name, email address, phone/cell number, gender, and country information. The basic purpose of personal information collection is;

1.1a) to deliver free topics to our visitors/customers.

1.1b to deliver free samples to our visitors/customers.

1.1c) to communicate with our customers for custom order status, updates, have their comments,and answers or clarify any issues and concerns.

1.1d) to deliver the drafts, revised work and finalised papers.

to send promotional packages and announce any new features on the website.

1.1f) to further make new strategies under the light of users’ experiences and feedbacks for better user experience.


1.2) Billing and Credit Card Information and their Use

Billing and credit card information are used to process custom order request and receive payment. We are registered with SWreg Inc for receiving payments and SWreg Inc employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in order to assure absolute safe and sound payment transaction; hence, your billing and credit card information is 100% secure.


2. Academic Information and its Use

The academic information is about without limitation to your level of study, type of the paper, topic, course name, request or order description, referencing style requirement, required sources and suggested sources.

The sole purpose of collecting academic information is to understand the exact requirement or demand of the visitor/customer in order to produce the best quality services.


3. Automatic Information Collection and its Use

Whenever you visit our website, analytical information is automatically collected and compiled for web traffic statistics. The automatic information may include without
limitation is;

  • IP address
  • Mac address
  • Date and time of your visit
  • Language
  • State
  • Country

The web statistics helps us identify the demographic information and analysis for further focus on our marketing strategies based on regions.


4. Privacy Policy Changes

We may review and amend our Privacy Policy Statement from time to time and we are fully liable to update our existing customers to notify about any changes in our privacy policies earlier than their effective date.


5. Confidentiality


Your all sorts of information will not be shared or sold to any third party without your consent and we assure you of absolute safety of your information.


6. Contact Us


In case, you have any confusion and need more clarification about any of the above mentioned clauses, you can contact us and send your queries and concerns via our contact us form.



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