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Writing a dissertation research proposal is unquestionably a significant task since it is a barrier that you must remove before you continue writing your actual dissertation papers. Dissertation research proposal is required to present the idea on which you want to write your dissertation on.

You must learn the thorough guidelines about dissertation research proposal writing as an unapproved dissertation will only result in delay in your dissertation in degree as you will have to rewrite the dissertation proposal.

A Comprehensive & Organised Format Of

Dissertation Research Proposal Papers

The following dissertation research proposal format will enable you to write a research proposal on your own.


Title Page

The title page should have;



  1. Dissertation research proposal title
  2. Student’s name
  3. Student’s ID number
  4. Department
  5. Course
  6. Dissertation adviser’s name

Table of Contents

Table of content has the titles of every section and sub-section with page numbers.



It is a synopsis of dissertation research proposal mentioning all the important points and necessary points of the dissertation research


Introduction states the background of the dissertation topic about which you are researching introducing the significance of it with research objectives.

Literature Review

The literature review is the review of the literature you have read so far and it builds up a context in relation to your research question.

Research Methodology

Research methodology describes the prominent methods you would utilize stating their importance and effectiveness in research.

Data Assessment

This section explains about how the gathered data will be assessed.


A schedule is presented in this part. It objective is to show a timeline stating the finishing point of tasks on a particular time.


This part tells what resources are needed to carry out the whole research process till the dissertation completion.


This part shows what budget will be required to perform the research.


It has list of all the information resources.

In this way, you can make a perfect dissertation research proposal which will surely be approved.


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