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Question # 1

How to write a dissertation methodology? What should be written in 

dissertation methodology chapter


Question # 2

Where can I get a dissertation methodology example FREE OF COST to get significant ideas about dissertation methodology structure, organization and formatting?

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Dissertation Proposal Help # 1

How To Write a Dissertation Methodology
 By Acknowledging What Parts To Including While Writing Dissertation Methodology!


Dissertation Methodology Section actually situates the research study in a methodological tradition structured below. The purpose of writing a dissertation methodology section is to provide a rationale for approach of the research study, describe research setting and sample with data collection & analysis methods.


  • Introduction:

    Restates hypotheses & research questions and also describes the chapter organization.
  • Research design or tradition:

    Addresses the research questions by the description of its approach with rational citing appropriate methodological literature.

  • Research setting/context:

    Justifies research setting selection with background information on program, school, district or community college, such as demographics and student achievement data.


  • Research sample and data sources:

    Gives details and justifies type of sample used and the selection procedure of the participants (including population, sampling frame, and sampling procedures for quantitative or mixed methods studies).

    Describes characteristics and size of sample (all) and/or data set (quantitative/mixed methods only, if applicable).

    Confirms the protection of the participants’ rights with reference to the conventions of research ethics and the IRB process.

  • Instruments and Procedures:

    Quantitative and Mixed Methods:

    Describes and justifies type of instrument(s), gives name/source if “off the shelf”, enlightens concepts measured, calculation of values/scores, pilot test if applicable, and instrument authenticity, with reference to appendices.


    Describes and justifies any instruments used, such as  poles, interviews, observation protocols or focus group, with reference to appendices.
  • Treatment (if applicable):

    If used, it is described clearly and in detail.

  • Data collection:

    Explains and justifies the methods and procedures of data collection that includes how, when, where, and by whom data were collected.
  • Data analysis:

    Describes and justifies methods and statistical tools (if applicable) used for analysis. Discusses measures taken to improve study validity. Summarizes outcomes of pilot studies, if applicable.
  • Role of the Researcher:

    Illustrates the role of researcher in planning and conducting the research study; makes clear, rational and relevant researcher opinions, assumptions, beliefs, biases (if applicable).

  • Summary

Dissertation Proposal Help # 2


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