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Below you will find a dialogue between our custom support representative and a confused student seeking for dissertation help. This dialogue will help you how to investigate the legitimacy of any “Dissertation Writing Service”.

Read how our customer support representative helped a DISSERTATION HELP SEEKER by telling him the significant points to be considered before paying any money to any dissertation service:

Dissertation Helper: Hello, this is Carolyn for dissertation help. May I help you sir?

Dissertation Help Seeker: Miss, actually I m doubtful about where you are based? Are you really UK based as mentioned in your website?

Dissertation Helper: Sir obviously we are … But don’t you doubt, if even we are UK based, can’t we be ESL (those who speak English as a second language)? Or if not then can’t we hire “cheap freelance ESL writers” online to do your work?

Dissertation Help Seeker: What the hell? Are you there for promoting your service or creating doubts in my mind about your service?

Dissertation Helper: No Sir, actually I am trying to make you understand and help you figure out the important features of a legitimate “Dissertation Writing Service”. Only by claiming that someone is UK based doesn’t mean that they are going to deliver you the quality it is because of the following reasons:

  1. Most of them lie and buy a virtual physical address to show that they are UK based…
  2. If even they are than what are the guarantees that they are not foreigners or they have not hired foreign freelance writers on cheap rates?

At the end of the day, what customers are concerned about is the paper’s quality and the security of their money!

Dissertation Help Seeker: So am I Carolyn! How can I believe that you are going to provide me the quality ensuring the security of my money even if you are UK based? I wouldn’t have asked this question if you didn’t create doubts in my mind! :)

Dissertation Helper: That’s a wise question sir! That is what I wanted you to ask me or any dissertation writing service whatsoever :)

Dissertation Help Seeker: So what’s your point? What’s the proof that you are going to provide me with the paper quality?


Dissertation Helper: Well it’s all simple. Despite the fact that we are UK based, we do not only base this fact to prove our service credibility… We satisfy our valuable customer by offering “Dissertation Ideas Service (Value £ 299)” absolutely FREE OF COST. The service includes the following features:


  1. Dissertation Topics Consultation

    (Get 3 Free Dissertation Topics Ideas In Less Than 24 Hours According to Your Prescriptions)

  2. Free Dissertation Sample

    (Get a Well-Formatted Dissertation Sample To Get Dissertation Styles & Formatting Ideas)

 This is the how we can prove you our credibility unlike others! Don’t forget to ask for the above services (Free of Cost) to test their credibility. You can get any of the your above desired service by clicking the above links. Let me repeat it again that you don’t have to pay a single dime to get any of the above service!


Dissertation Help Seeker: Thank you for your assistance! I’ll surely test your dissertation writing service before buying it :)

Dissertation Helper: You are always welcome sir! We’ll be waiting for you as we firmly believe on your quality! Have a Good day!




Our customer support representatives have been trained to resolve the specific concern of our esteemed and prosperous customers, seeking help with dissertation writing. We do not give vague answers to simple questions and our aim is to serve you at optimum in every respect. The best part is that in order to build credibility and to prove our competitiveness, instead of just stating that we have PhD and Doctorate level writers, like every other website, we believe more in actions rather than words.

We have a lot incredible services for dissertation help seekers out of which many of them are “FREE OF COST” (for the limited-time). The lists of services are as follows hyperlinked separately with the pages in relevance:

Free Dissertation Topics Consultation (Get 3 Free Customized Dissertation topics on your specifications in less than 12 hours without paying a single penny).


Free Dissertation Sample (Get a Dissertation Sample FREE OF COST on your specified citation style to get idea about dissertation structure formatting and organization).


Dissertation Proposal Help (4 Types of Dissertation Proposal Help That Will Sway Your Professor to Give His Acceptance Within 24 Hours Willingly or Not … GUARANTEED!!!)

Dissertation Literature Review Help (You only have to spend 5 minutes of your life reading and following this page and then you will find all your dissertation literature review worries gone like if there were not any!)

Dissertation Methodology Help (Discover The Secrets of Writing a Dissertation Methodology That Will Turn You a Research Expert Better Than Most of Those PhDs Who Have Not Yet Read This Page!)

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