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What If There Were a Way You Could Get CREDIT By Having a PhD Doctor EDIT Your Dissertation Like Turning a Rough Stone Into a Diamond In No Less Than 24 Hours Guaranteed!

  • Are you not sure if you written dissertation would ever achieve a “2:1 Standard” as your dissertation may lack in clear transition and smooth clarity?
  • Are you afraid that if your dissertation has poor sentence structure, misspellings, punctuation error and grammatical mistakes, it could create a very bad impression on your professor?
  • Do you know that in order to increase the efficiency of your dissertation you need to know the proper reorganization of the paragraphs and reconstruction of the progression of your dissertation ideas?


Dear Students,


If you want to confirm that your written-dissertation is worthy enough to score “2:1 Standard” being concise, clear, accurate and error-free then,


You surely need dissertation writing help from those who are at least PhDs having experience of more than 10 Years in the discipline of Editing & Proofreading!


Discover……. How?


I Could Not Believe That My Dissertation Would Be Marked
“2:1 Standard”


Well, the obvious reason I am writing this testimonial for you is to give you something more valuable in return of your incredible dissertation editing service that has made me win “2:1 Standard” after a very long time in my life. As per your request I have included the chunks of paragraphs to give visitors an idea about how proficiently your writers helped me edit my dissertation:


Note: The red and blue color shows the mistake and correction respectively

Moreover, the dissertation was edited to the theme where every statement was supporting my thesis and the needless repetitions in the paper were deleted. I’d advise all of my fellow students to benefit from this valuable service!



8 Problems Our PhD Dissertation Editors Will Solve to take Your Dissertation from “2:2 Standard” to “2:1 Standard”!



Dissertation Editing - Problem # 1

Not everything in your dissertation supports your thesis and you have added unnecessary things that are going off the topic!


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 1

We will cut everything that is unnecessary or off the topic to make it comprehensive for your advisor!



Dissertation Editing - Problem # 2

The details are not clearly connected to the generalization!


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 2

We will connect them with appropriate usage of words and statements!



Dissertation Editing - Problem # 3

You have mentioned the same point over and over again to increase the word-count of your dissertation unnecessarily?


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 3

We will remove every unnecessary repetition to make your dissertation look efficiently concise and eye-sparking. 



Dissertation Editing - Problem # 4

Your dissertation contains grammatical errors … For e.g. the verb and the subject conflicts each other or you have not used the correct form or verb?


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 4

We will correct each and every grammatical mistake in your dissertation to make it a guaranteed “2:1 Standard”!



Dissertation Editing - Problem # 5

The punctuations you have used in your dissertation is not correctly used or placed!


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 5

We will make your dissertation free from any punctuation error by removing even a bit of fragments from it!



Dissertation Editing - Problem # 6

You have used the incorrect form of word! For e.g. “believe” instead of “belief”…


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 6

We will correct all the incorrect form of words throughout your dissertation, no matter how badly you have used them!



Dissertation Editing - Problem # 7

The words used in your dissertation are not spelled correctly according to the British English standard?


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 7

With manual analysis plus spell check software, we will make sure that no spelling mistakes are left in your dissertation any more!



Dissertation Editing – Problem # 8

Your dissertation is improperly formatted with improper citation style that is not in accordance with the requirements of your supervisor or institute?


Dissertation Editing - Solution # 8

We will correct the format of your dissertation with proper citation style including in-text citations as per your specification!



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Edit Your Dissertation

 to Remove Every Mistake Including Grammatical, spelling or formatting error In No Less Than 24 Hours Guaranteed!


5 Reasons to Choose Our Dissertation Editing Service:


  1. PhD or Masters Qualified Dissertation Editors

    Your dissertation will be edited by PhD or Masters qualified writer specialized in the field related to your subject. This will not only boost the quality of your paper but also improves your proofreading ability by analyzing the ins and outs of dissertation editing & proofreading.


  2. British English Style

    Your dissertation will be edited using the British English composition style so as to increase your chances of getting more admiration from your advisor.


  3. Accurate Dissertation Editing

    To ensure 100% accuracy in editing your dissertation, you dissertation has to go through the following editing process:

    1. Firstly it is reviewed by a PhD or Masters qualified professor having experience of at least 5 years in discipline of proofreading & editing. The dissertation editor spends his/her every single second to review and rectify every sentence structure, transition & grammar.
    2. It is then scanned through a “Spell Proofreading Software” to check if there is any room left for any spelling mistake.
    3. Finally, it is transferred to the Quality Assurance Department for the final revision
    4. Isn’t it like crafting a rough draft in to the masterpiece?

  4. On-Time Delivery

    We strive to deliver your edited dissertation even before your specified deadline.

  5. Free Unlimited Revision

    This might be the best of all reasons why you should order our dissertation editing service. If for any reason you think, that your edited dissertation (impossibly) lacks in any of the spelling, formatting or structural accuracy, then we will revise it till you get satisfied!


Have PhD Editors Edit Your Dissertation & Win “2:1 Standard” Guaranteed!


Dissertation Editing – Price Structure


What If you were offered to spend even less than a half of the fee you are supposed to be charged by a PhD Editor to edit your dissertation with 100% chance of approval by your supervisor?


We believe our prices offer great value for money that includes:


  • The time and cost of employing dedicated PhD Editors who on average charge £45 per hour.
  • The services of our customer support department.
  • The remuneration of network professionals whose responsibility is to secure your submitted dissertation assignment eliminating any chance of theft or misuse.


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What Else Now?

You know we care for your each and every concern and the most important concern is no doubt your money’s security!

Yes that’s Final Deal Left B/w
YOU & Us!


When you order our dissertation editing service, we keep your hard-earned money aside not for us but for YOU until you get satisfied with what we claim. Some of the major claims are:

  • Dissertation Editing With No Grammatical Errors
  • Dissertation Editing With On-Time Delivery
  • Dissertation Editing With Accurate Usage of Punctuation
  • Dissertation Editing With Your Specified Citation Style
  • Dissertation Editing With Proper Formatting

If you (impossibly) find any of the above claims missed in our dissertation writing service, then feel free to:

  • Ask for revisions UNLIMITED Times!
  • Or Grab your kept-aside money without even returning your custom dissertation…

Now definitely, you have nothing to lose except of loads of mental stress & anxiety!!! :)

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