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  • Well, I don’t have enough time to complete my dissertation because of my job and social involvement… I want to buy a dissertation written according to the specification of my advisor but afraid if the service I choose turns out to be a SCAM!!!
  • There are many dissertation writing services out there, each of them claiming to be the best! How can I be sure that they will not run away having taken my hard-earned money?
  • I m ready to buy a dissertation from a legitimate service but not sure if they really have qualified writers to do my work!
  • What if I buy a dissertation from a service that hands over me the complete plagiarized material? How embarrassing would it be to get insulted before my advisor in that case?
  • Why not any angel comes in my dream to tell me which dissertation writing service to choose to avoid any chance of money-loss, plagiarism or late delivery deadline!!

Finally Revealed The 7 Intelligent Questions Wise Students Ask a Dissertation Writing Service Before Buying Dissertation Online That Can Literally Guarantee They Will Never Be a Victim of Any Scam In Any Way!


1) If I 

buy a dissertation

 from a dissertation writing service, what is the guarantee that my teacher will not doubt that my dissertation is written by someone other than me?


If you have made a decision to buy dissertations, then the above is the most important question to be taken in to the consideration. The utter professionalism of a writer depicts his capability of matching your language skill and academic level. This can be simply understood by example that it’s not wise to have a Shakespeare to do a 10th Grade story writing! However, the other side of the question’s consideration is about how secure the company policy is. The dissertation writing service should have the privacy policy that provides appropriate contractual means to establish a comparable level of protection for personal information.

To get certainty of the above dubious confusions, you can ask for a little dissertation sample in your area of subject and get them check by your advisor. If it creates doubt in the mind of your advisor in any way then avoid going buying dissertation from that company.


2) How can I be assured if the company providing dissertation writing service is based in UK?


This is the foremost concern of most of the students looking for dissertations to buy as propagated by every company whether or not they based in UK. This concern is somehow important but no writing service emphasizes on the fact that:


“The Single Claim of Being UK Based Is NOT Always Enough To Prove The Service Quality & Credibility!!!


What is your major concern?


Obviously…… The Service Quality!!!


But most of the companies online are scamming students by basing their claim on false or less important issue of being based in UK. If only by claming that a service is based in UK to prove credibility, then do not forget to consider the following points:


  1. It very easy to buy a physical virtual address in UK online even if you are living in Africa…
  2. Even if someone is based in UK, what is the guarantee that he is not a foreign resident living in UK?
  3. Even if a company’s is run by native UK citizens, then what is the guarantee that they don’t get your work done by cheap freelancers working on internet all over the world?

Now how in the earth you can consider it as a proof to ensure the service credibility? 


Read the rest of the question particularly Question 3 or 4 to discover how to figure out the dissertation service credibility easily! 


3) I want to buy a customized dissertation FREE from Plagiarism according to my advisor’s specification but not sure which dissertation writing service to rely on?


Now here comes the spicy part of this article… Despite the fact that “Being UK Based” is not the only criteria to judge anyone’s credibility but it is no doubt important to some extent for a company to give you their postal address + Landline number. However following are the core queries to be figured out in order to determine the service credibility and quality:


  1. Do they provide you with their sample work they have done in past with consent of x-customer?
  2. Are they providing you something valuable FREE OF COST like (Dissertation Topic Ideas etc.)? “Free of Cost” implies without bothering you to pull your credit card off your wallet!!!
  3. How do you find their support as? Are you getting your queries replied within at least 12 hours?
  4. What type of dissertation orders they accept? Do they accept any type of order for the sake of money?
  5. What is their procedure of selecting a writer for a particular project?
  6. How many projects does a single writer handle at a time? How many orders a day, they normally accept? Judge it with qualitative and quantitative approach with respect to the number of writers they have!
  7. Will you able to contact your writer during your dissertation writing process?
  1. What necessary steps do the writers take to avoid even 1% Plagiarism in your dissertation? Check if they provide you FREE PLAGIARISM REPORT along with your dissertation!
  2. Incase you are not able to satisfy your advisor with the work, will they mind making revisions FREE OF COST? How many times are they willing to provide you with revisions?
  3. Do they fulfill their promise of meeting your delivery deadline? Ask for a free topic or sample or little part of your dissertation to complete just to check how quick they respond or deliver your request… If you find them fulfilling their promise honestly then they are most likely to deliver your paper on time.


If you find dissertation writing service successful in removing the above confusions then don’t hesitate to rely on them in buying dissertation.


4) How can I believe that my dissertation will be written by PhD or Masters Qualified writer specialized in my area of subject?


If a dissertation writing service claims to have a specialized PhD or Masters Qualified writer to complete your dissertation assignment, then you can confirm the reliability of their claim by asking specific questions related to your subject or topic. If the writer fails to satisfy you with the ample knowledge or information than be doubtful about their claim. Most of the writing services don’t allow you to let you communicate with the writer before you place your order which is fine. But they should get some of your questions answered from the writer before you place your order to buy dissertation.


5) Does the price seem too much high or cheap? How to determine the reliability of a dissertation writing service with appropriate price structure?


Another tactic of a scam writing service is to higher their price too much to show they are legitimate. On the other hand, there are some FOREIGNERS who work for little pennies. Beware of such companies! You need to find the company that is maintaining the balance between their profit and your financial capability. Obviously, it would be unfair on part of dissertation writing service taking advantage of student’s compulsion by sucking their money they usually earn through their part-time job. On the other hand, it is not believable that there are companies claiming to be in UK bearing expenses like electricity, support employees, office, writers cost etc. are delivering quality papers in prices below £ 10! Avoid writing services that are charging more than £30 for a page or less than £10 a page!!!


6) What is the guarantee that If I buy a dissertation, I’ll also get my money’s worth? What if the writing service scams me by running away with my hard-earned money?


That is the most important question to ask a dissertation writing service for the sake of your financial security and the company’s credibility. If a dissertation writing service is claiming to be the best than they should be confident enough to provide “Refunds” incase they don’t fulfill their claims. The long the money-back guarantee, the better it is. Never buy dissertation from a writing service that doesn’t offer refunds.


7) What is the authenticity of testimonials mentioned in dissertation service website?


Testimonials like “Thank You!, Hi.. That was great, etc” are mostly fake. You can put your trust on a testimonial that tells how the customer was facing specific dissertation problems and in result the specific benefits customer had gotten by the solution provided by the service.


Beware of The Fact That Buying a Dissertation Is Not a Purchase On Your Part As Purchase Loses You Money, Whereas It Is An Investment For Your Professional Career That Will Earn You Money Through Your Lucrative Job … But Investment In The Wrong Business Will Definitely Cause You Great Loss. So Be Sure To Consider the Above 7 Questions Before Making Any Decision to Buy a Dissertation Online!


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Well… I had to write an electronic dissertation in the final year but had no idea what to make it as! It could have been a new improvement to one of the modern electronic item or a personal idea of a new invention inspired by some other invention or discovery. As I started brainstorming the ideas, I always stuck up with them being too general to grab the interest of my advisor or too specific for the comprehensive research… No matter what I go for, my advisor had always discouraged me by rejecting it or saying that its good but risky to maintain the dissertation quality!

Thanks to Google that took to me to your website where I could get the “Free Dissertation Ideas” by expert Professors. I swear, I have never seen such a valuable service free of cost… Your service really gave me something that is comfortable explaining and defending. You showed me the way of the electronic fields I should join in the future after graduation by showing me the ideas of Microwave oven, digital camera, audio frequencies, lasers etc. The dissertation on my desired field has really boosted my resume up for a specific job. For the reader, let me tell you that after getting valuable “Dissertation Ideas” that includes “Free Dissertation Topic” & “Free Dissertation Research” and considering my interest I went for ordering a custom dissertation on “How efficiently we can use the digital camera in every occasion by drastic enhancements & placements?” The topic was no doubt of my interest and of my advisor’s but it was not within my capability to complete it covering 12000 word counts. So I ordered a custom-written dissertation from your service that I got within 2 Weeks… Amazing! No Plagiarism, No need to take any revision!!! This is what in return I can give you in the form of testimonial for your amazing service considering it more valuable then my money. :)

Alex White (Name has been changed to protect the privacy)
Leeds, United Kingdom


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  6. Chapter 5: Conclusions/Future Outlook
  7. References & Appendixes

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  1. We Don’t Brag, We Prove Our Credibility

    As said already, We satisfy our valuable customer by offering “Dissertation Ideas Service (Value £ 299)” absolutely FREE OF COST. The service includes the following features:

  2. Custom Written Work From Scratch By Qualified & Subject Relevant Writers With Direct Communication Opportunity!

    Dissertation Writing Help by at least a Masters in Your Area of Subject. We also provide opportunity to the customers to directly communication their assigned writer during dissertation writing process.

    Buy Dissertation & Win 2:1 Standard To Get Your Specialized Graduate Degree Through Our Professional Dissertation Writing Service Customized Only For You!

  3. 100% Plagiarism Free

    Your customized dissertation will be scanned through Anti-Plagiarism software EVE 2.0 and web service MyDropBox.com and you will be provided with the FREE Anti-Plagiarism Report along with your custom dissertation as proof.

    Give Your Dissertation to Your Professor With the Full Confidence Without Any Fear of Being Caught!

  4. 24/7 Customer Support

    You have the opportunity to contact our support executive any time you want through following ways:

    Buy your Dissertation & Check its Progress’s Status Anytime You Want For Self-Satisfaction or Immediate Revision as Per Your Advisor’s Requirement!

  5. Formatting & Style

    We offer the UK Dissertation That Includes The in-text Citations as well as Bibliography absolutely FREE OF COST… The most common citation styles are APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turban etc.

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  6. Unlimited Revisions

    You will be provided with “FREE UNLIMITED REVISIONS” of any part of the Dissertation incase of dissatisfaction on your part!

    Order Us To Start Your Dissertation Writing Process According To Your Specifications And Don’t Worry If You Want Some Amendments During Process As Its All Free For You!

  7. Updated Research & Resources

    We guarantee you to provide you with the Primary Research material by developing the Questionnaire of the Survey. Resources will most likely to be taken from recently published books, newspapers, journals, periodicals etc.

    Get Your Customized Dissertation Based On Updated Research And Resources To Surpass the Dissertation of All Your Classmates!

  8. On-Time Delivery

    We have a very strict policy when it comes to delivery. We strive to deliver papers even before 12-24 hours before the delivery deadline so as to make it easy for you to ask for revision if required. However, we guarantee you that your dissertation will be delivered earlier or on the delivery deadline as specified by you in the order form.

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  • It will be designed ensuring the fact that majority of the reader would like to fill it with interest and ease to give you through insight on the opinion and their mind-sets.
  • The questions will flow from general to specific logically, smoothly & clearly ensuring the fact that it does not a bit of contradiction…

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